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Your Event...Our Stress


Once you've made the decision to use Solitaire weddings, the process is quick and easy on your part as the client. We will start with the consultation this can be arranged at our Showroom in Milton Keynes where you can view all centrepieces and props. The Consultation is your opportunity to meet face to face with your Event Manager.

We will discuss in detail the requirements for your wedding / special event, such as the budget, location, theme and the individual services you require from us. This will aid us to determine the level of assistance you require so that the correct proposal can be made to you. There is no fee for the consultation and you are under no obligation. Once the details are collated from the consultation, Solitaire Weddings team will get the ball rolling where we will provide you with a detailed quote. This will be your opportunity to view the details and let us know of any adjustments that need to be made or any queries you have. Please note that all final decisions will be yours! Our part will be creating your event. It is very important at this stage to ensure that we have got all the information we require from you with regards to your wedding / event, and that all your expectations of your big day are well on track. Where necessary we will make suggestions and recommendations to aid you with the finalisation of your event.

At this stage we would make it priority to liaise all the arrangements with you, such as visit the venue ensuring all areas have been finalized such as themed decoration to table layouts. To the run up to the big event (usually from about 6-4 weeks) we will go through all the details and run through a final schedule and numbers of the event and if need be, make any last minute changes or tie up any lose ends. We at Solitaire Weddings are available any time should you need to speak to us. We will make sure that all arrangements are taken care of and will take full control of making your event a success. Your event equals our reputation.

The day of the Wedding/ Event

The day has finally arrived. Nervous will be all over the place, we can assure you that all arrangements have been taken care of. So sit back, relax and enjoy your day. All the responsibility is ours; we will make sure we liaise with the venue making sure that everything is set and ready. We will ensure that all the promises made by us are fulfilled. If you looking to enquire further, please contact us.

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